A Note About Continuing a Toggl Time Entry | Apigrate

A Note About Continuing a Toggl Time Entry

If you're like us, you use the Continue feature a lot because it saves time! We're all about saving time, but we wanted to let you know that if you use the Continue feature, there is an extra-step you should take to make sure that time entries sync over to QuickBooks properly.

Suppose you have a time entry you want to Continue...

If you've got Toggl by Apigrate syncing entries, you know that it tags entries with a "QBOSynced" tag to keep track of the ones it's already sent to QuickBooks. However, if you click the Continue icon on a time entry that is already synced...

... you'll notice it copies the whole entry, including the QBOSynced tag. That means that Toggl by Apigrate will ignore this entry because it will think it has already been synced.

So, to make sure your time entries sync properly, always make sure you "uncheck" the QBOSynced tag on time entries you are continuing

That's it! We don't know of a way to prevent this behavior, but hopefully that will save you some head-scratching in the future!